International Workshop: „Bridging research, policy and activism for Environmental Justice in times of crisis“

(19th June – 21th May 2021) EnJust is a vibrant network that raises awareness for issues of environmental justice and strengthens the democratic participation of those affected by environmental problems. We connect actors from research, policy and planning, and civil society. We believe that research should address real, pressing challenges and be undertaken in collaborative ways with partners and stakeholders from all sectors of society. We create analogue and digital spaces of communication and initiate collaborative research.

The EnJust 2021 international workshop, held online from 19 to 21 May 2021, brings together scholars, activists and decision-makers to debate current research, concrete ideas, practices, and methods to collectively explore and deepen transdisciplinary work and activist-research for a just and fair future.

The EnJust 2021 international workshop is collaboratively organized by the Institute of Environmental Social Sciences and Geography at the University of Freiburg and the EnJust Network for Environmental Justice. It brings together scholars, activists and decision-makers to foster debates and learning processes about the roles, responsibilities and approaches of the emerging inter- and transdisciplinary environmental justice movement.

The conference website for the EnJust International Workshop 2021 is now online and can be accessed here.