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Veranstaltungsreihe und internationales Symposium: „Ice (St)Ages 2: Heroes on Ice? Conquests and Doomsday Visions“


Since the great expansionist ambitions of Europe, the idea of eternal ice has functioned as a media stage for heroic Western narratives. In reality, however, the ever-changing shape of icy polar regions jeopardised any strategies of staging and witnessing. For example, the impossibility of permanently leaving traces in the ice during the multiple trials of conquering the North Pole let to an ambiguous explorer narrative that still exists today. These narratives rely on the ignorance of traces of those who…

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Veranstaltungsreihe und internationales Symposium: „Ice (St)Ages 3: Play with Senses – Aesthetic Communication and the Performativity of Ice“


Extreme cold, sublime glow and a tremendous soundscape make up the sensual dimensions of ice, and have equally inspired science, art and technology since the 19th century. They generated the fantastic character of cosmological models used to explain the world, such as Hanns Hörbiger's 1913 "Welteislehre" (‘World Ice Theory’), which was largely inspired by the conquest of the North Pole. These entered the history of science and popular culture through a sophisticated, broadly-effective communication reaching out to experts and layman alike…

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